Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blessings, Anyone?

Since my husband got cancer and since he also developed a pulmonary embolism and since we found out we have to move in 30 days and since our life seemingly imploded all around us, I've been listening to everything with new ears.

I have realized that blessings are not limited to just the good things that happen in our lives.

Recently, some people have hesitated to share the good things that are happening in their lives because they seem to think we are not very blessed right now. I mean, chemo is taking its toll on my hubby, we have to move and he can't really help, finding a house to move to is difficult, etc. Things in our lives are challenging right now, no doubt, but aren't they blessings, too? Can't we "feel" blessed in the midst of these trials? Can't you feel blessed when you go through various trials?

The quick answer is a resounding YES and I'll tell you why. Psalm 29:11 says, "The LORD will give strength to his people; The LORD will bless his people with peace."

The blessing is the peace. The LORD (all caps because it's translated Yahweh) gives strength to His people. The LORD blesses His people with peace. There's no indication in this verse that the peace He promised to bless us with is dependent on anything other than the fact that He promised it.


Are we frustrated with our circumstances? Yes, but we still have peace. Frustration is simply a human emotion; it does not prevent peace. You can have peace in the midst of frustration.

Are we exhausted? Yes, but we still have peace. We have also had the strength to get through each day as it comes. His promise to give us strength has proven itself in us.

Are we afraid? Yes, but we still have peace. Cancer is a scary thing to have. It can be unpredictable and change in an instant. Pulmonary embolisms are scary, too. But, peace prevails because disease doesn't change our God.

Blessings cannot be limited to good things that happen in our lives.
Blessings are present even during the rough patches we go through.
The rough patches, themselves, are blessings.

In our lives, blessings abound. We are blessed with peace. We are blessed with strength. We are blessed with many children. We are blessed with many friends. There is not room on any blog post to list the many blessings in our lives.

Cancer is a blessing because we get the opportunity to give the Gospel to new people.
Moving is a blessing because we will have new neighbors to minister to.
Trials are a blessing because we have been warned about them coming and told how to deal with them, and what they do for us. (I Peter 4)

So, share your blessings with us without apology. We are happy for you if good things are happening in your lives. We will cry with you when you go through trials. We will not tell you not to feel the way you feel, but we will tell you that God can handle your uncertainty, fear, anger, frustration and all the other emotions you are feeling at any given time.

Nothing, not one little thing, changes with God, ever. He is the same through every trial. He is the same through every blessing. He is the same through every disease. He is the same.

Praise be.

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