Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When Things Go from Bad to Worse

Yes, things sometimes get worse, even for God's people. What's a believer to do? I'll tell you in a minute.

Since my last post about my husband's cancer diagnosis, things did get worse.  Just two days after he was discharged from Johns Hopkins Hospital, he was readmitted with internal bleeding that caused so much pain and swelling he was in excruciating pain and could not get relief, even with the hard core narcotics they had him on. This time he was admitted to the oncology wing and they started his chemotherapy early. I think it should be called chemococktail because it's a potent cocktail especially formulated for him, as each chemococktail is for each patient.

He was set to go home after three days into this second hospital stay, but had an allergic reaction to the chemococktail and had to stay another day. He came home Wednesday, April 15, still in pain, exhausted beyond measure, but glad to be home. The very next day, we got a completely unexpected call from our landlord. She asked him how he's doing as a courtesy and he said, "So, so." She asked why and he said he was just diagnosed with cancer and just got home from the hospital.

She responded, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I wanted to let you know we're selling the house you're living in; we're getting it listed soon. Don't worry, though, we'll give you 60 days' notice."

We immediately began house hunting. A house the size we need is hard to find in the rental market, but we began to look around. We've looked at several houses and they are either unsuitable or someone grabs it up before we can.

Then, yesterday, we got this:

Talk about shocked! 
This is when things went from bad to worse. 
This is when we had to intentionally decide to continue to trust God and wait on Him.This is what a believer has to do. We are walking through every door and every avenue that might possibly seem open, yet every door to housing has promptly closed up tight so far. The right house has not come along yet. In the meantime, we do what has to be done. My hubby has to take his meds; he has to rest as much as possible; he has to give himself shots; he has to get his chemococktails; he has to continue his lab work; he has to go to work; I have to keep on keeping on with what I have to do and house hunt at the same time. 

I'll answer a few questions that have been asked:

No, we aren't getting 60 days. 
Yes, they are within their legal rights to do this.
No, we do not have another house to move to. 
Yes, his chemococktail is taking its toll...he's constantly exhausted and his hair is falling out all over the place.
Yes, we feel the pressure of this trial. 
No, we will not lose faith in our God. 
No, we do not feel forsaken. 
Yes, it makes us angry.
Yes, we believe anger is totally justifiable.
No, we won't use our anger as an occasion to sin or strike back.
Yes, we will make our need known to God's people in hopes that they'll pray.
Yes, we will make ourselves vulnerable even to those who will delight in our hardship or believe it's some sort of punishment. (Those people don't know our God if they believe that.)
Yes, we will wait on the Lord.
Yes, we will continue to house hunt.
Yes, we pray all the time about this.
Yes, we hope you will pray, too.


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