Monday, May 11, 2015

In Other News.....

My last three blog posts have centered on my husband's cancer and resulting treatment. While that remains a very prominent part of our lives, and will for a few months to come, there is other news that is also very prominent in our lives.

Through the pain of the still unknown tumor, through the lack of sleep dealing with unrelenting pain, through the diagnosis and through the treatments, my husband has been driven to plant a church. Last week, we held our first Bible study for Mosaic Church of Bowie, MD and are nearly ready to launch the website. Click here to see our website. (Keep in mind, it's still under construction.)

More than 2 years ago, while we were still living in Minnesota, God sowed the seed for this church plant through a friend who lives near Bowie. God used many means to bring us here and many others to open the door to the church plant. Some of those means were very surprising, others painful, but they all led to the same conclusion: Plant a church in Bowie.

There have been set backs, cancer not being a small one (we were set to launch when David ended up in the hospital), but it's finally happening. Just this past weekend, fliers went to 20,000 homes in Bowie announcing the start of our Bible studies. These fliers were distributed through the Valpac coupon packs that are regularly mailed to all the homes.

Cancer or not, setbacks or not, David continues to be driven by the fact that the people in Bowie need Jesus and he's determined to bring Him to them.

I am excited to be able to be a part of Mosaic Church of Bowie.

Praise be.

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