Monday, April 4, 2011

This & That

We are surviving the "living in" arrangement with our daughter and her little boy.  It has not been easy.  The main thing I've lost - everyone has lost - is privacy.  Our new master suite helps with that - for me - but I don't have much time to spend there.

One thing I have NOT lost is my temper.  I am my grandson's primary caregiver as his mother is working full-time. He's active and precocious, but a pleasure once he follows the rules.  My daughter has different rules, a more relaxed approach, whereas my approach is firm and sure, something he had to get used to.

Oddly enough, he doesn't cross me; he sighs once in a while at my rules, but he has yet to actually defy me or cross me.  He obeys well enough and he's happier overall when he does.

My theology has played into this a great deal.  When things are hard, and they get hard, I'm reminded from His Word that He has allowed the hardness for a reason; that He has promised to see me through anything and that knowing that - even when I can't see it in action - helps.

Is that not true for all of life?  He has promised; that is enough.  If I can't see His promises at work, it's no matter because He promised and He cannot lie.  So, the promise rings more loudly than my hardship and doubt.  My relationships stay more connected and less tension-filled because my theology rules them as well as my response to them.  Theology.  It sees me through each day/trial/mood/happening.  And I am so very thankful!


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