Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's ALL God...

Think about Jonah for a minute.  Take a look at his life.  Jonah did nearly everything wrong in his life.  God told him to go to Nineveh and he said no and ran in the other direction instead.  God dealt with him pretty dramatically by having a big fish swallow him up, then spit him out. Only then did he obey, but it appears his attitude didn't change because after the people of Nineveh repented, Jonah got mad and sat pouting under a bush.  Yet, God still used him in a mighty way.  God's love toward Jonah didn't change. God's plans for Jonah didn't change.  God's promises to Jonah didn't change. Nothing about God changed in light of Jonah's actions.

Jonah seemed close to God, though.  He was close enough to God to recognize His voice when He spoke to Him.  He told the truth when his ship was tossing dangerously in the waves.  He owned his bad behavior and was willing to take the necessary action to stop it by going overboard.  He prayed in the belly of the fish, believing God could hear him.

God used Jonah in a mighty way, even though he was rebellious.  Jonah's preaching had marvelous results, even while his attitude was bad.

I'm not saying we can/should have a bad attitude.  What I'm saying is, it's ALL God Who did what was done. Jonah was His chosen instrument, but what did God need from Jonah?  People tell us that God needs our obedience, willingness and cooperation to accomplish His will in our lives.  Really?  

God needs NOTHING from us.  Nothing.  He is God. He will accomplish what He sets out to do in our lives. Does this mean we can do whatever we want?  Sure...............if we want to end up in the belly of a big fish or some other situation unpleasing to the human condition.  

I'm only saying that God does not need me or my pathetic attempts at pleasing Him to accomplish His will in my life.

Praise be it's HIS doing.  There's not one ounce of credit I can claim for anything, not even the next breath I take.

I'm so, so very glad it's all HIM.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Standing Up for Truth

I know that "Truth" is subjective IN THIS WORLD.  However, Truth is NOT subjective.  Today, I stood up for Truth in a way that I had not planned.

There was an online sale. The sale site crashed from lack of servers compared to the number of shoppers.  A few people in my contact group mentioned that the sale site had crashed.  NO ONE complained; they just mentioned that the site was down; had crashed. of the leaders within the group sent a message to everyone that basically told all that, compared to the hurricane or fire victims, this is nothing and that maybe instead of shopping the sale, we should give our money to those victims.

I immediately recognized this as spiritual abuse and spoke out against it right away.  This resulted not only in me being publicly criticized, but in the removal of any opportunity to say more on that particular forum, which led to no opportunity to defend myself against public criticism.  That amounts to cowardice.

This forum I'm talking about is for a direct sales company that claims to be "faith-based," which is one of the reasons I spent my money on them one day, instead of giving it to hurricane victims, and joined by buying their starter kit and becoming a consultant.  I've had a few conflicts since I joined.  One unit meeting held women drinking wine and using foul language - then driving home after filling up on wine.  When I spoke to that leader, she told me I didn't have to go to her meetings.  Ok, that's for sure!  I can't approve or support drinking and driving anyway, so I was glad to be rid of that group.

Other conflicts are internal.  All the training we get is geared toward sales, of course, as it should be, but its disguised as "relationship building."  It doesn't really seem like relationship building when I'm building a relationship with someone so that they'll buy something.  I'm sure not all direct sales people feel this way, but that's what all the training I've received points to.

So, I have a constant, internal conflict.  When I meet people, I want to share the Gospel with them, not sell them tote bags and purses.  But, if I share the Gospel with them, then any opportunity to sell totes is then a conflict of interest.  Do I want them to look stylish and have the latest things?  Of course!  But, do I want them wearing that stylish bag to Hell?  Uh, no.  Do I want to contribute to the family income?  Of course!  Do I want to compromise the work of the Gospel in my husband's ministry?  No way!

I'm sure there's a solution to this, but, for now, I will keep my resolve to stand up against spiritual abuse every single time, without hesitation and without fail, even if that means I don't sell another tote bag ever!  This latest conflict over me doing the right thing even when/if someone else - with power to remove my voice - does not agree, is only the latest in a string of conflicts in this world for me.  The abuser keeps her voice in all this.  No disagreement with her was expressed except by me.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Protesting Comment

I'm going to do it. I'm going to speak out against not having God humanly represented at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony.  I know there are arguments either way, and I've read them, and some of my friends support the decision not to have any religious representation at the ceremony.

My argument in favor of it is different.  My argument is not that they should bring God into it, my argument is that they should recognize His presence, Which is already there.  I'm not talking about some wishy-washy famous preacher or religious writer who won't mention the Name of Jesus Christ.  I'm talking about having someone with enough nerve to actually mention Jesus Christ, acknowledge His presence in this place and thank Him for His mercy and beg for His further protection on our country.

Shying away from God is a huge victory for the terrorists.  That's what they've wanted all along!  Mayor Bloomberg is giving them exactly what they want!  The terrorists can't tolerate the Name of Jesus Christ, so they pull the blinders down on people like the Mayor and his cabinet and make them feel like they are actually serving people better by not acknowledging God.  I have news for the Mayor; he can't leave God out no matter how he tries.

Let's not disguise our cowardice in a blanket of shame and call it tolerance.

God was there on 9/11.  He will be there at Ground Zero at the commemoration ceremony.  He is there already and it's such a good, good thing for us all that He is so incredibly merciful.