Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Protesting Comment

I'm going to do it. I'm going to speak out against not having God humanly represented at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony.  I know there are arguments either way, and I've read them, and some of my friends support the decision not to have any religious representation at the ceremony.

My argument in favor of it is different.  My argument is not that they should bring God into it, my argument is that they should recognize His presence, Which is already there.  I'm not talking about some wishy-washy famous preacher or religious writer who won't mention the Name of Jesus Christ.  I'm talking about having someone with enough nerve to actually mention Jesus Christ, acknowledge His presence in this place and thank Him for His mercy and beg for His further protection on our country.

Shying away from God is a huge victory for the terrorists.  That's what they've wanted all along!  Mayor Bloomberg is giving them exactly what they want!  The terrorists can't tolerate the Name of Jesus Christ, so they pull the blinders down on people like the Mayor and his cabinet and make them feel like they are actually serving people better by not acknowledging God.  I have news for the Mayor; he can't leave God out no matter how he tries.

Let's not disguise our cowardice in a blanket of shame and call it tolerance.

God was there on 9/11.  He will be there at Ground Zero at the commemoration ceremony.  He is there already and it's such a good, good thing for us all that He is so incredibly merciful.


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  1. Not sure what time the commemoration is and I don't really care. I will be in church at the regularly scheduled times and I will be praying for our country and for the families of those who died on that day. No mayor can stop me from doing that. Mayor Bloomberg is offending God by his actions and should be very thankful for God's mercy.

    The ceremony at the "National Cathedral" is also leaving out the voice of true Christians. There again, I can pray without the permission of any Catholic bishop. There will be representatives of the false religions at the "National Cathedral." I dare say that God most likely will not be answering any prayers from that group unless someone is led by the Spirit to call on the name of Jesus for forgiveness.

    How do we have a "National Cathedral?" What happened to the separation? Guess that doesn't apply to the Pope's guys!