Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's ALL God...

Think about Jonah for a minute.  Take a look at his life.  Jonah did nearly everything wrong in his life.  God told him to go to Nineveh and he said no and ran in the other direction instead.  God dealt with him pretty dramatically by having a big fish swallow him up, then spit him out. Only then did he obey, but it appears his attitude didn't change because after the people of Nineveh repented, Jonah got mad and sat pouting under a bush.  Yet, God still used him in a mighty way.  God's love toward Jonah didn't change. God's plans for Jonah didn't change.  God's promises to Jonah didn't change. Nothing about God changed in light of Jonah's actions.

Jonah seemed close to God, though.  He was close enough to God to recognize His voice when He spoke to Him.  He told the truth when his ship was tossing dangerously in the waves.  He owned his bad behavior and was willing to take the necessary action to stop it by going overboard.  He prayed in the belly of the fish, believing God could hear him.

God used Jonah in a mighty way, even though he was rebellious.  Jonah's preaching had marvelous results, even while his attitude was bad.

I'm not saying we can/should have a bad attitude.  What I'm saying is, it's ALL God Who did what was done. Jonah was His chosen instrument, but what did God need from Jonah?  People tell us that God needs our obedience, willingness and cooperation to accomplish His will in our lives.  Really?  

God needs NOTHING from us.  Nothing.  He is God. He will accomplish what He sets out to do in our lives. Does this mean we can do whatever we want?  Sure...............if we want to end up in the belly of a big fish or some other situation unpleasing to the human condition.  

I'm only saying that God does not need me or my pathetic attempts at pleasing Him to accomplish His will in my life.

Praise be it's HIS doing.  There's not one ounce of credit I can claim for anything, not even the next breath I take.

I'm so, so very glad it's all HIM.

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