Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Refreshingly Simple!

Recently, a friend of mine posted an article link on facebook which I truly related to on a large scale. This article is well worth the time it takes to read, as well as further contemplation it might trigger. The article's author,  BJ Stockman is a stranger to me, but I appreciate his/her approach and point of view.

What BJ Stockman teaches in this article is absolutely missing from a lot of teaching in our Christian circles. The opening line of the article sums it up well, "The key to persevering as a Christian is not your perseverance with God, but God’s perseverance with you."  The fundamental reason this is so important is that God's perseverance is part of His character, which means it cannot change or fail - ever.  Our perseverance can, and will, fail.  God cannot fail, cannot change, cannot make a mistake.  Hence, we need to focus on HIM if we are going to teach His Word.  This is missing, however, at women's events.

 I have yet to attend any women's conference, retreat or event without this being completely overlooked in the presentation of the female speaker chosen.  What is being overlooked?  The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of giving us the Gospel and all Its redeeming power, not only for our very salvation, but for our daily lives, the vast majority of female speakers give us what I call "fluff & stuff," which is just information given to target our emotions, our behavior and a response.  It is not meant to target Jesus Christ and His redeeming work in our lives.  That may be the intent of the speaker, herself, but that is not what she accomplishes when she sets Him aside to pursue emotion, behavior and response.

In the article,  BJ said, "Your faith through difficult times, your faith to endure, does not increase by working up faith but by rediscovering what God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ and resting in his promise to never leave you or forsake you no matter what." If women's event speakers truly believed this, then taught it as though they believe it, it would transform our events and women would actually grow in grace at these events!  Imagine!  Isn't that the goal anyway?  We set aside these events for that very purpose. What if our speakers actually spoke of this, rather than our behavior?  The difference we would see as a result would be astonishing!

I could go on with some examples, but I won't at this time.  Read BJ Stockman's article; it's a good one.


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