Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Adventure in Doing Right

I'd been an active crisis pregnancy intervention counselor for about four years when I met Grace.* Grace was pregnant, wanted to avoid abortion and wanted to put her baby up for adoption.  Because her resources were limited, I would often drive her to her doctor's appointments when needed.  On one such day, I had driven her to her appointment and was in the waiting room, waiting.  As far as anyone there knew, I was just her ride.

While Grace was in the exam room, I helped myself to some coffee that was offered free at a table set up for that purpose. And that's when it happened. Her young doctor, Dr. Mer,* approached me and wanted to know who I was to her.  I told him I had given her a ride.  He replied, "You are more than that to her."

I said, "I'm also her friend."

He said, "Nah, you're working with her."

I said, "Ok, well, even if I am, why do you need to know?"

He replied, without hesitation, "I want this baby."

"You can't have this baby."

"I have people who will pay upwards of $20,000.00 for this baby. I want this baby."

"You can't have this baby. What makes you think you can just have this baby?"

"I know she's putting this baby up for adoption. I know you're involved. I want this baby."

"Then apply to adopt."

He turned to leave, glancing back and saying, "I want this baby."

I was shaken. Stunned.

I took Grace home, went home and discussed the issue with my husband, then called the hospital's chief administrator, requesting a meeting.  I met with him and told him exactly what had happened.  He immediately reassigned Grace to another doctor within the medical group, took protective measures to cover Grace's needs and I heard nothing more.......

......until it was time to pick up the baby.  I was the go-between with the adoptive parents. As I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting for the baby to be brought out, a very pregnant lady came and sat down beside me.  As I normally do with strangers, I greeted her, smiling at her big belly.  She sat down hard with a sigh and said, "I just can't believe it!"

I said, "What?"

She said, "I came for my doctor appointment with Dr. Mer and I walked into his office to find it completely empty!  Nothing!  It's like he just vanished. A gal caught up with me and redirected me.  I'm so frustrated because at this late date, I have to work with a whole new doctor!"

I was stunned, again. Even though I'd heard nothing more from the hospital administrator, he had taken quick and decisive action against Dr. Mer and protected the women of our city.  Following this incident, there were letters to the editor heavily criticizing the hospital for not being able to keep "good" doctors.

I felt bad for the women who wrote the letters, because they did not know the full story. But, on the other hand, I was so happy for them because their families were protected from a baby snatcher and all was well. I found out even later that Dr. Mer had been involved in a large baby-trading ring.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard, especially when other people don't know the full story. I was not in a position to tell them the full story, so I had to learn to rest in the truth, knowing that God's sovereignty would care for the rest.

I'm very glad I spoke up.


*Not their real names

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