Friday, July 27, 2012

Calm Waters/Violent Rage

The water was calm, not a ripple to be found. But a mother knew something wasn't right.  She waited. She became keenly aware of the slightest hint of anything unusual. She waited more. She watched. She became intently focused on the calm water.  Suddenly, without warning, her body erupted from the water in a rage of violence! In a sudden wrestling match, she successfully fended off a dangerous perpetrator who was an immediate danger to her kids.

She sprang into action before any harm could be done to her family.
She didn't seek anyone's permission or approval before she struck.
She did not hesitate for even a moment.
Her actions were quick and deliberate.
She successfully fought off the perpetrator, protecting her kids, even to her own harm.

The mother was a lioness.
The perpetrator was a crocodile.
The kids were her cubs.

The comparison is real.
Don't mess with my kids.

A special Thank You to photographer Pia Dierckx.


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