Monday, December 17, 2012

When Words Aren't Enough

What can we say further about the tragedy in Newtown, CT this past week? Words are insufficient to express our horror, grief, outrage, anger, disbelief, frustration, etc., etc.......the list goes on. We simply cannot express ourselves to a satisfactory place in the face of such as this.

Some people cry out for more gun control.
Some people cry out for less gun control.
Some people shake their fists at God.
Some people cling to God.
Some people use this to promote their own interests.
Some people lose interest in everything.
Some people become confrontational.
Some people seek out a hiding place.
Some people become angry.
Some people become fearful.

There are too many reactions to list here.  Everyone handles things differently. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

One thing - and one thing only - is certain in this event. Jesus Christ is certain.
He continues His steadfast love and grace in their lives.

As much as we cannot possibly comprehend it, God's grace is all-sufficient for even the families who lost their little ones. He is the Great Counsellor; He is the Great Comforter.  He will hold them in His hands. In that, no words are really necessary.

As I watched the news all weekend, sometimes it was hard to watch and listen to. I realized that while I could turn the news off, those families of the people killed could not ever turn it off. And I wept for them. And I prayed for them.

I'm so glad God's grace is sufficient for them, because our human words just aren't.
I am committed to continued prayer for these families.

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