Friday, April 19, 2013

While You Were.......

A few weeks ago, I wrote this poem and put it up on my Facebook wall. Today, I thought it was a good idea to share it here, on my blog. With all the tragedy our nation is facing and all the uncertainty we face as a nation, perhaps this will help us focus on what's really important.

While You Were.....

While you were fighting for your rights,
Your neighbor up and died.
He did not hear you tell him,
Of your Jesus crucified.

Instead he heard your latest call
For things you would not buy.
He didn't really have a clue
What price he'd pay for that lie.

The lie is very clear now,
As plain as it can be.
The lie is known to all who dwell
Without Christ for eternity.

The lie is simple to believe
And sounds so true and right.
The lie so sorely tempts us
To fight for a human plight.

But, alas, the lie is just that
A lie, no more, no less
The lie distracts us all
From His righteousness.

For what difference will it make
In your neighbor's eternity
If he enters it while living right,
While Hell remains his destiny?

He can wear a tie
And be straight as he can be
And still face the plight
Of a Christ-less eternity.

We're better off to fight
for the Gospel every day,
A fight that we are sure to win
For the price that Jesus paid

All man's pride, gay or straight
Will be brought down one day
By the One Who conquered sin
By the One Who lights the way.

So,  tell those neighbors yet today
The joy that waits for them,
When they put their faith in the Savior
Who can save them from their sin.

This Savior will save them
As only He can,
And create in them
A completely new man!

A man who does no longer need
To lean upon his sin:
A man who surely will not stay,
In the path of his own whim.

A changed man your neighbor can be
If he will trust Christ for his eternity.

The Gospel makes the difference
In the lives of all people today,
Not a boycott or a protest;
Not a petition about being gay.

The Gospel takes a man
And makes him new inside;
So his sin no longer rules his life
And he looks to the Crucified.

Even you, all taut with pride
Can find eternal rest with the crucified,
So, please do tell me,
Why do you protest?

He died for you, too
To light and show the way,
To His eternal peace and rest,
You can know Him today.


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