Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Term Of Convenience

Last night, there was a news special on the news show 20/20 and it piqued my interest. William and Kate are having a baby this summer and 20/20 decided to devote an hour to their story. It was interesting to learn a few things about the British and their babies. I learned they don't have baby showers because they think it's incredibly rude to invite people to give them gifts. I learned that a royal baby's nanny becomes proficient in Tae Kwon Do in order to property defend the baby. And they learn evasive driving techniques to avoid the paparazzi.

Kate is still pregnant. Yet not one time did they refer to her unborn child as a fetus. They called him or her "the baby." Every. Single. Time.

Fetus is a term of convenience. Abortionists know that using the term fetus for the unborn sounds medical and helps pregnant women come to terms with an abortion more easily.

What does it mean?

According to even a simple source like Wikipedia, the word fetus is from the Latin and literally means "offspring," "bringing forth," and "hatching of young."

So, an abortionist could say "I will abort your fetus," yes, but they could also say, "I will abort your offspring" or "I will abort your young."

Abort means simply to terminate some process. In pregnancy, that process is the development (growth) of the fetus. So, an abortionist could say, "I will terminate the growing process of your offspring now," or "I will terminate the growth of your young now."

What if abortionists actually talked like that?  It would be more humane. It would be more understandable to the young women in their clinics.

Wouldn't that be something?

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