Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking for Truth (In All the Wrong Places)

I read a passionately written blog post about the new movie, Noah, which is now out in theaters. The blog author was so disappointed in the movie that he left in utter shock and disbelief, before the movie ended. He wondered what had happened to America and asked how they (America) could twist this movie so far from the truth. He also said he regretted not doing his research on the movie ahead of time because through his research, he would have learned that the film's director is a self-professed atheist.

I don't mean to minimize that blogger's pain over this movie, but I do have to ask, what did he expect? We simply cannot expect the world to represent God's Truth, no matter what we might hope. It seems this blogger hoped for a Biblical view - out of Hollywood - and condemns all of America for the film's inability to resemble Truth.

As an American, I have to take issue with that. Not all Americans would approve of this film. Some of us wouldn't go see it and didn't need to do a lot of research to make that decision. "America" as in, all of America, did not make this movie. A group of anti-God evolutionists made this movie.

Without a lot of research, I made my decision not to go see the film based on the following facts:

It comes out of Hollywood, this is enough to know that it will not resemble Truth.
It was created for entertainment purposes. Entertainment; not Truth.
It was created for money. That's what Hollywood wants; money. That's the entire bottom line.

Not all Americans approve of this type of "entertainment." For me, I'll keep my $12.95 (the cost of a movie in my town), as well as my $3.98 (the cost of an on demand movie in my living room) and look for Truth in the right places....the Word of God.

Christians, don't go looking for Truth in all the wrong places. We don't need to do a lot of research to know that this film is not Biblical, will not have a Biblical message and will utterly disappoint if we think otherwise. If you do go see the movie, realize it's entertainment, not Truth, that you are viewing.


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  1. Well said! I have been hearing Christians complaing about this movie but like you I won't waste my time or my "dime"!