Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Faith-Driven Plan Undone

Some thoughts on Mark 15:37 - 16:8

They started out with the best of intentions. They had watched Jesus die. They had seen Him get taken down from the cross. They saw where He was buried. They saw that a stone was rolled in front of the tomb. They saw it all. Three women on a mission.

They made a plan. Early in the morning, at sunrise, on the first day of the week, they met and brought spices they had purchased. They had a plan. They were going to anoint Jesus' dead body with the spices. They made their way to the tomb and while walking, they wondered aloud who was going to move the stone that was blocking the tomb entrance.

They had no idea how to move the stone. They had no idea if anyone was going to be around to move the stone. They faced this huge obstacle with one action: they kept going. They had a plan to anoint His body and even the fact that they had no access to the tomb He was in did not stop them from going anyway.

So, they got there. The large stone was already gone! It was completely moved out of the way!

They walked into the tomb, very likely still planning to anoint Jesus' body. A young man sat there and they were immediately afraid. He told them not to be afraid. He told them they sought Jesus. He told them Jesus was not there. He told them He was risen. They got a new assignment. They were told to go and tell the disciples that He had risen.

There would be no anointing of a dead body for there was no dead body to anoint.

Three women on a new mission.
Imagine such a mission!
Got obstacles?
Not a problem. They are nothing to God.
Keep moving. You will find your obstacles already moved.

Happy Resurrection Day!

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