Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Power of Priority

For years, decades really, I boiled eggs for coloring at Easter time. I would boil dozens of eggs and the kids and I would make a huge mess and color all the eggs. When a person does this for decades, it almost becomes routine and certainly becomes expected. No matter how tired I was with raising 8 kids, I always had time and energy to color dozens of Easter eggs and enlist the kids' help.

Coloring eggs at Easter was a priority.

This year, even though my youngest turned 18 in January, I had every intention of coloring eggs, even if I did it by myself. So, I hard boiled 8 eggs the Thursday before Easter and bought an egg coloring kit. I even checked out a few methods on Pinterest.

On the Tuesday after Easter, one of my sons went to make some scrambled eggs. He took his first egg, cracked it against the side of a bowl, then came to me and said, "Um, Mother, are all the eggs hard boiled?"

I forgot to color the eggs! Eight lonely eggs sat in an egg carton in the frig and never got colored!
I'd run out of time.

I had time to color dozens of eggs when my kids were little, but this year I had no time for egg coloring. Coloring eggs was simply not a priority.

Priority has power.
(There were other eggs, so my son had his scrambled eggs.)
Next year, I'll color eggs.


  1. some of my chickens lay pink, blue, green eggs...already colored!