Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Who the Liberal Media Should Fear

There's a lot of fear mongering happening within liberal, mainstream media. I used to watch more of the main stream media than I do now. I cut back mainly because I get tired of the fear mongering. It's a misrepresentation of's essentially spin.....and it's hyperbole, signaled by panic-stricken voice tones that belie the real truth.

Throughout any given day, I check internet sources and see the vast majority of news stories that the main stream media will cover later.....or not. Because I'm reading this news and not listening to it audibly, I can make my own choice about whether it's hyperbole or truly serious. I can look it up for myself. I'm not a lazy news consumer. I won't take your word for it, nor will I take your competitor's word for it. Give me real news and I'll give you my time and attention.

As an average American who is tired of the hyperbole and no longer trusts the main stream media, it's people like me they should fear. The average American who works hard for their money, appreciates their rights and first responds with compassion to their fellow humans are who the main stream media are supposed to be serving.

But, the MSM is turning everything into hyperbole, making every story dramatic, even when it's not. The Trump administration can't make even so much as a typo and the MSM is calling for a "full investigation," wanting to spend my tax dollars on frivolous pursuits while the world lies vulnerable to radical Islamic terrorism.

Enough already. I, for one, am no longer listening to you, MSM. Why should that matter? It should matter because it was you who said Trump didn't have a shot. It was you who thought Clinton had it in the bag. It was your polls that repeatedly - and falsely - reported on what you were sure Americans were thinking.

But, we blew you out of the water. I, a little nobody, saw Trump's win coming all while you were nearly laughing at him from your news desks. My thought was simply, "Well, I hear what they're saying, but they are wrong." I told my husband repeatedly that the polls were wrong....that they were a gross misrepresentation of the truth. I stopped listening to you.

The liberal media underestimated us - average Americans - because they were completely blindsided by what we pulled off right before their eyes. We elected Donald J. Trump and didn't look back.

All your efforts to discredit him, to undermine his work in DC and to malign his family are serving to do one thing: We will make sure he's re-elected in 4 years. We will make sure. You are fueling this, it is we average Americans you should fear because just as we quietly elected President Trump, we will quietly take you down through lack of viewership, trust and commitment to your news casts.

I am, to you, fairly deplorable. To my president, I am important, small as I am. So, keep on your witch hunt where President Trump is concerned and we'll quietly see you again in 2020. You see, we know we don't have to shout or protest in order to cast a vote that counts. We've already quietly done that ........and will again.

I used to have respect for the media. I no longer do.
The liberal, mainstream media should fear the average American voter, deplorable as we may be.


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