Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Hero, My Son

Today, as I think of the 237th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, I can't help but think of the two of my kids who served in the Corps. My oldest daughter, Marilyn, served for four years, stateside. My son, Michael, served for five years, including two tours of duty in Iraq.

When Michael went to war, it was the most unreasonable thing I had ever experienced. I fought this with all my might, yet God sustained me, him and our entire family as we endured his deployments, one of which had him on the front lines in the Battle of Fallujah.

When he came home, I wrote a poem.  In honor of our USMC and our Veterans, whom we celebrate on Monday, I'd like to share my poem. I'm not much for writing poems, but my Michael said that, as far as poems go, this one's "pretty good."

My Hero, My Son

You say you’re not a hero,
I beg to differ, son;
You went into the war zone,
Carrying your gun.

You faced all of the danger,
Without even looking back;
You did what you knew God wanted
You didn’t one time slack.

You followed your heart;
Did what you thought was right.
You just kept pressing on,
Did not give up the fight.

Oh, you really are a hero,
A hero fair and square.
So far from home, you dared to go,
You didn’t think of where.

Now that you are home,
Oh, so safe and sound,
I will not forget the others,
The ones who aren’t around.

The war zone was relentless
They paid the highest price,
I know you would have done the same,
And made that sacrifice.

But, God allowed you to come home,
He has work for you to do.
It’s His will you must seek,
His calling you must pursue.

Follow Him with all your heart,
And a hero you’ll remain.
Don’t look off to the right or left,
And His reward you’ll someday claim.

You’re my hero, yes, my son,
I’m proud as I can be.
Thank you for what you have done,
You’ll always be a hero to me.

Love, Mom

Next week, I'll be sharing a guest post by one of my other sons.

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