Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day I Snapped

It was just a normal week day, with nothing extraordinarily significant going on. I had been taking pictures of my kids and other stuff, as I so frequently do. You can imagine how many pictures I have taken over the years with eight kids' lives to record! So, on this normal weekday with nothing extraordinarily significant going on, I snapped a picture that stood out from the rest. It was quite by accident, but the main focus of the picture, a flower, was crystal clear and the rest of the picture was blurred. It looked very much like I had done that intentionally, but it was a complete accident. My rather new camera, a Valentine's Day present from my hubby, was talented!

Later, I showed the picture to my husband and he commented on what a good picture it was.

My kids had already commented, "Cool pic, Mom."

So, I was hooked. I thought that if my camera could take such good pics with no special effort on my part, it could certainly take exceptional pictures if I really tried and utilized all its wonderful features.

I was hooked.

And that's the day I snapped. And I snapped. And I snapped all day. And on every vacation. And on every walk the kids and I took. And on every average week day. And when we saw some beautiful bird in the yard. I snapped and snapped and snapped all the pictures I could and I was having a blast!

Then, I entered some of my favorite pics in the county fair.

And they all won awards!

So, I snapped more. And I took an online digital photography course (Thanks, Digital Photography School!). And I snapped more.

And, this hobby has grown, passed onto a few of my kids and become a real joy in my life.

That's what happened the day I snapped.  I snapped pictures. And I had a blast. And I still am.

I now consider myself an award-winning amateur photographer. What fun!

Have you snapped lately?

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