Friday, March 15, 2013

My Sisters and Me

Sisters are a special group. I am one of the most blessed people on the planet because I have four sisters. I know there are people with more than four sisters, but I was blessed with four. My sisters are the greatest gift my mother ever gave me. Not only do I have four biological sisters, I have a few friends whom I consider sisters, as well. One of them is a twin (we share the same birth date)! How special is that? I also had a sister-in-law who was like a sister to me. She died too young.

It does not matter what type of day I'm having....a call or note or text or email from one of my sisters will improve that day. Once when I was having a really bad hair day, I was Skyping with one of my sisters and she said, "Oh, your hair looks so cute!" And that was that.....I was no longer having a bad hair day...poof! Just like that! That's the kind of magic a sister can create in my life. To this day, when I see a text, email, or caller ID signaling a contact with one of my sisters, I get excited. Still!

(This pic is me with three of my sisters. My younger sister hadn't been born yet! I'm on the bottom right.)

All my life, I have absolutely adored my sisters. I've been thinking of some of the reasons why I love having sisters, and why my particular sisters are so special.

Sisters are always on your side, no matter what life throws at you.

Sisters know the real you, yet still love you.

Sisters support your decisions even if they are not the same decisions they, themselves, would make.

Sisters will tell you when you are out of line.

Sisters will tell you the truth.

Sisters are there, no matter how many miles separate you from them.

Sisters help you hold your memories. 

Sisters clarify your memories, and add to them.

Sisters ARE your memories!

There are many more reasons why I love having sisters. If you are blessed with biological sisters, as I am, then good for you - you are blessed, indeed! But, if not, I sure hope you have "adopted" sisters who can enrich your life, keep you grounded and love you no matter what. There's a solidness that having sisters brings to a woman's life. It's truly a gift.

I am thoroughly blessed by both biological and adopted sisters.
My sisters, a wonderful gift from an all-knowing, all-loving God.
Praise be.

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