Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dilemma for Doing Right

Doing the right thing often causes a dilemma, hence people don't always do the right thing.  Some people do the right thing without thinking of consequences because they live by principle.  Some people do the right thing outwardly, expecting an outcome that is often self-serving.  Still others do the right thing after careful consideration of the consequences, then deciding they can live with them.  Some even do the right thing, then are puffed up with pride for doing it.

The right thing is not often clearly visible, either.  We easily become confused about what's right when it affects us, or our family, directly.  Sometimes we simply don't know what the right thing is!  I think this challenge can be something we face daily.  I face this challenge daily.  Do you?

So, how do we know what is right?  The recent pile up on I75 in Florida presents an interesting dilemma.  Many of the people killed were illegal aliens from Brazil.  Being here illegally, they were traveling illegally since they didn't have valid drivers' licenses.  That's a dilemma.  In the comments following an article I read on this, some people were very pointed and actually indicated they were glad the people died, and it served them right, etc.  I totally understand that some people are upset by illegals not being challenged; that's a valid concern.  However, to indicate they got what they deserved and they are glad they died is over the top. The people saying that are as wrong as the illegals.  Lack of compassion for a fellow human being is intolerable.

So, what is right in this situation?  As individual citizens, we can't control all illegals.  We can work to pass appropriate legislation to address the overall issue, but we can't control who comes and what they do when they do come.  The right thing to do is to show compassion to our fellow human beings, even if they are in the wrong in their own behavior.  Hard to do?  Yes, indeed.  But, no matter what people do, compassion must be at the forefront of our response to them.

Why?  Because if not for the compassion of Jesus Christ in our own lives, we would not have a prayer even for ourselves.

Do right, even in the face of wrong.  Show compassion.


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