Saturday, February 18, 2012


Whitney Houston's funeral was today.  I cannot listen to her song, I Will Always Love You, without tears. Her voice was a powerhouse of talent - talent she knew God gave her and she gave Him credit.  How sad to watch the world say goodbye to her!

Whitney is not dead.  The testimony of her life was Jesus Christ.  How do I know this?  I know this from the fact that the Gospel of Christ was presented again and again at her funeral.  The Gospel was preached and mainstream media broadcast it all over the world, streaming live as it happened.  The Gospel that the media scorns, tries to hush-up by categorizing it with lunacy and makes fun of.  The Gospel. They broadcast the Gospel and I am so thankful!  Thanks to Whitney Houston and the talent God gave her, and the fame He gave her and the friends He gave her, the Gospel was broadcast around the world by people who would otherwise spit on it.

I don't know what killed Whitney.  Some say she was troubled...........who isn't?  If we are real with ourselves, we are all troubled. If we don't think we are capable of certain sins or certain ways of life, we are not in the same camp as Jesus Christ, since He came to save us from ourselves. He knows how troubled we are; there is no fooling Him.  Whenever I hear a so-called Christian making comments like, "I would never do anything like that..." I have to ask myself what level of sin they do allow themselves. Certainly, as displayed by that attitude, they let their pride run rampant. That is no better than those who struggle with more unacceptable sins.  Shame!

Anyway, I am sad that Whitney Houston is dead.  But, we are all going to die. Are we going to live in eternity with Christ?  That is the question.  Whitney's testimony of salvation was clear.  She openly believed that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose from the dead.........and the mainstream media broadcast it, unedited!  Praise be.


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