Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Eagles

I've been watching the Decorah Eagles again this year as they are, once again, working to hatch their offspring. This year they have 3 eggs, which the female laid in a 3 day period.  They are vigilant about those eggs, fiercely protecting them from potential predators, the weather, etc.

But, they are just eggs.

Last year, they fought against an owl that tried to swoop in and steal lunch. They screamed at the owl and readied their talons to strike if necessary.  That owl was not getting those eggs!

But, they are just eggs.

People chatting in the side bar express concern if the eagles leave the eggs for more than a few minutes, worried that the eggs are vulnerable, or cold, or maybe have already died. Would they, themselves offer to protect those innocent eggs if given the opportunity?

But, they are just eggs. Aren't they?  Aren't they just eggs filled with undefined tissue that doesn't matter?  Isn't that what they are?


Those of us who battle against abortion are no different than the eagles.  They are fierce protectors of life and will go to extreme measures to protect the unborn eagles inside those eggs. They are vigilant to keep the eggs warm and safe, knowing that what is inside must have time to grow and develop properly. They are fully committed to making sure they do everything they can to protect and care for all those eggs so they can reach maturity so those baby eagles can be born.  All we pro-lifers want is for life to be safe, for babies to be allowed to grow and be born and given a chance at life. We want the exact same thing as those eagles. They would never even think to kill their own offspring.  My word.

No, I don't protest on the legislative floor, nor do I threaten action against abortionists. I do work to educate people about abortion so they can know the truth. I do council women facing unwanted pregnancies so they understand the life within them.  I do not vote for pro-choice candidates.  I've been accused of being a one-issue voter, and if that's the case, so be it.  That one issue could mean the difference between life and death for one human baby who might be given the chance to live.

I do share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people facing unwanted pregnancies, as the Gospel is the only thing that will make an eternal difference.

So, as I watch the eagles, and realize the world also watches the eagles, I am struck by the contrast of how people in this world embrace these eggs.

After all, they are just eggs.  Aren't they?

If only the humanists embraced human life as passionately.


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